A Leap of Faith and Seismic Shift Towards Breast Cancer Prevention

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Reviews of Pink Skies

I was so deeply impressed with Pink Skies. Your intelligence, passion, tenacity and doing everything you do and always have done - First Rate!!  I have every confidence that this project and your new directing career is gonna fly!!!

I was so uplifted! You made it possible for me to see this downtrodden and middle aged world through a honest, fierce, ordered fight for all we deserve in life.

You fought hard to make this project come to fruition. That fight in you is contagious - as seen by all the women and camera men and pilots following you through to the end of this most inspiring and brilliant shout out to Live!

I don't have much of your beautiful fighting spirit in me anymore.
Maybe I never did. But you proved how critical it is for one to fight to live.

I hope I can do that also or at least better. You will be my inspiration.
Thank you for making all flights and fights appear to be within our reach.

Love and my best wishes
Loraine Shields

A very generous plug for Pink Skies in The Press Enterprise from one of the breast cancer patients featured in the film, Flori Hendron: 


Oh my God, it's amazing! I cried so many times. It is so moving and beautiful. The sound track is perfect. The storyline is so hopeful. The aerial footage is just astounding. Wow. Thank you so much for including me, and I'm so glad people are wanting to hear more about the prevention message and what they can do. The energy is building on that and I think women are so ready to ignite a movement of change! Let's make it happen!

Thank you also on behalf of my grandmother who was a breast cancer survivor and is never far from my thoughts and always part of my tears when I hear the stories of what women are experiencing with this disease. This is such an important film!

Blessings for big success!

Stacy Malkan
Co-founder, SafeCosmetics.org

You have done an amazing job of bridging skydiving, cancer and women’s empowerment.

breast cancer survivor

I have been associated with breast cancer survivors for 20 years and still learned more information from this than I expected.

I thought the skydiving was beautiful. The formations looked like art. It was fascinating to watch all of women working together without drama

I became so engrossed almost immediately and didn't want it to end.

I thought that this documentary is the most informative piece that I have seen regarding breast cancer.

It was tremendously inspirational and fascinating. The fact that it dealt with nutrition, spiritual, exercise, chemical and environmental issues was very thought provoking. It put a face (or faces) on breast cancer. It didn't matter where one came from or what walk of life they pursued. I like the fact that it showed different options for diagnosis and treatment and a great deal of hope.

I found it fascinating and compelling and didn’t even take a loo break!

I think you have done a lovely job touching on the real truth and putting faces/ meaning to this cause. I am sure you have heard this before, but I really am impressed.

After watching the film, I came out a different person, it definitely gave me pause for thought.

There were no “victims” here, no moaning and groaning.

I cannot stop thinking about the film. It was so well done, up to par with the best documentaries I’ve seen, and I really enjoyed it.

It was an amazing movie, well-done, beautifully shot, etc. I LOVE the music. Your movie is making people think, and that will lead to action and change. I am proud of you and proud to be a part of the bigger picture.

Flori Hendron
Artist, Writer and participant in Pink Skies. Flori succombed to breast cancer in 2023.

I think the film was beautiful, inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks for bringing it to our community.

Randy Schwab
Executive Director Temple Isaiah

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