A Leap of Faith and Seismic Shift Towards Breast Cancer Prevention

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181 Women - 1 World Record - 1 Big Cause

Pink Skies is an inspirational documentary about the empowerment of women. It's about overcoming obstacles as athletes and as human beings. The film covers an extraordinary event, “Jump for the Cause.” In 2009, JFTC brought together 181 women from 31 countries to create a World Record All-Women's Skydiving Formation. They jumped out of nine to break the record. They also raised nearly $1 million dollars for breast cancer research and prevention for City of Hope.

The film primarily follows Ruth Green, a skydiver from England, who learns she has breast cancer shortly after registering for JFTC. We follow her journey as she courageously battles the illness still hoping to join her friends and participate in the record.

Along with phenomenal skydives captured by the world’s top skydiving cinematographers, the film features breast cancer survivors, cutting edge researchers, doctors and healers. It reveals breakthroughs that have not been widely publicized, what needs to be changed and the seismic shift towards prevention.

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