A Leap of Faith and Seismic Shift Towards Breast Cancer Prevention

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This film is a labor of love and we are self-funded.  We were very excited to produce this documentary of an event that at its core is about raising Breast Cancer awareness about new research and prevention.  We continue to look for international and domestic distribution in various mediums. Hopefully, it will be seen by millions.  If you are a distributor please contact: 

Bruce Venezia
(818) 712-0762
Email: b.venezia@att.net


We are hoping to attract people willing to help promote the film and help with marketing it.  Do you have a magazine or website that you would like to utilize to help promote Pink Skies? Please contact: Gulcin@PinkSkiesthemovie.com

Participation also includes fun stuff like showing up at the miriad of film festivals we are being invited to.

Let us also know if you'd be interested in participating and joining our growing list of sponsors for the film.  The Paypal button below is also a great way to reach us where it counts. It would be great to be able to place an ad in the trades when we are at the upcoming film festivals.

Thank you!
The Pink Skies production team


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Marina Del Rey, CA  90292



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